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Do you want to live or retire in a place where a true aloha spirit can be experienced? Are you rejuvenated by natural exquisiteness and energized by clean and flower scented air? Hawaii is the right place for you. Still wondering which part of the continent to live? Well, you can check Hawaii news for the national updates. You can also get more specific by checking Waimalu news, Waimalu, Waimalu living and Waimalu events. Few facts will be shared about the place that you can consider on your decision later. Giving you the feel of the place’s cost of living can be your starting point and can be very vital in your choice along the way.


The cost of living in Waimalu is in fact lesser than the Hawaii average by around 10.2 %, but about 58% higher than the national average according to the cost of living index. Gas price in Waimalu is 18.4% greater than the national average; however, it’s around .9% lower than the most expensive city for gas which is Kodiak, AK. If you are a coffee lover, you may need to put a bigger budget for this morning buddy because in Waimalu, the price of coffee is $7.77 equivalent to Honolulu, which is the most expensive city for coffee. This price is in fact 45.7% higher compared to the national average. Do you love pizza? The price for this flat bread favorite is way higher in this place in reference to the national average, but it’s approximately 25% lower compared to Truckee, CA which is the priciest city for pizza. For housing price, it is lower here than in Hawaii by about 19%. According to healthcare index, healthcare cost is about 12% higher compared to the national average. Health care products and essentials can be more expensive in Waimalu.


Want to learn more about the national statistics and reports? Read more about Hawaii news. To learn more about Waimalu HI specifically, read the bulletin about Waimalu news, Waimalu, Waimalu living and Waimalu events online. You’ll get more information about grocery prices, transportation, other goods and services and many other important details about the place.


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