Employment Status of Waimalu, Hawaii

A huge part of the reason why people endeavor to finish a degree in formal education or get certifications in certain fields is to later on be qualified to apply to certain positions in the labor industry. It is but necessary for a person to obtain the essential knowledge, work ethics, capabilities, skills, and experiences that will prepare him/her to compete in the labor market. Unquestionably, greater opportunities would be given to those who are equipped with diplomas. However, there are remote cases where works based on skills are given to those who do not have degrees. Such opportunities, nevertheless, are still limited and are within the bounds set by their respective workplaces. Work means income and income means survival.

Education generally plays a major role in the employment of the people and in the economy of the place they live in. The people of Waimalu, Hawaii, who value education, are employed in various industries and are paid according to certain earning brackets. The Waimalu news reported that the median household salary in the town of Waimalu HI is 9.3 percent larger than the average of Hawaii and is 39.1 percent bigger compared to the national average. This is further evidenced by the fact that majority of the labor force work 35 hours or more per week.  This means that the workers of Waimalu are hardworking and are determined to fulfill the duties assigned to them as efficiently and effectively as they can. Furthermore, Hawaii news mentioned that the income generated for every individuals in the town of Waimalu is considered to be 20.3% much substantial than the average in Hawaii and is also 25.4 percent bigger than what the national average is. Almost thirty two percent (31.5 percent) of the male population earn the highest salaries, ranging from $40,000 to $65,000. While 28.8 percent of the female population, as recounted by the Waimalu news, are the highest paid; their salaries ranging from $25,000 to $40,000. These facts are clear evidences that Waimalu living is decent. Waimalu events could be observed to validate this assertion. Similarly, this claim is further strengthened by the fact, as detailed by the Hawaii news, that the level of poverty in the town of Waimalu is 41.3 percent lesser than what Hawaii’s average is, and is 57.5 percent smaller than what the national average.

Waimalu’s employment status is clear evidence that Waimalu living is of high standards. Be updated regarding Waimalu events, while learning how education affects people’s position in the labor market. After all, decent and high paying jobs are available to those who try hard enough to earn them.

Article Name
Employment Status of Waimalu, Hawaii
Employment of Waimalu Hawaii on the island of Oahu

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