A Mascot for Waimalu

Have you ever thought of an idea on how to represent a thing, a place, an establishment, or even yourself? Common answers are probably through commercials, plugs, posters, and radio airings. Others say that just exposing their natural acts could already best represent themselves. Yes, those methods can be considered as effective ones to draw attention from the people. However, there is this one special way on how to symbolize something – it is through a mascot. On that note, there is also this place that needs to have a mascot to characterize its beauty – Waimalu in Hawaii.

Although it can be presumed that everyone knows what a mascot looks like and what it is all about, let us still take a glance on its definition. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, a mascot is a noun which can either be a person, animal, or object used as a symbol to represent a group (such as a sports team) and to bring good luck. No wonder why most of the establishments, especially food companies, use mascots to invite people to try their products. A mascot can bring good luck, so it is somehow essential for a certain place to have one, especially in Waimalu.

Waimalu HI is a census-designated place (CDP) in Honolulu, Hawaii. CDP means that it is a congregation of population determined by the US Census Bureau for statistical purposes. Waimalu has a name, is locally recognized, and is not part of any other place. So why does it need a mascot?

First, a mascot is essential to Waimalu because it can boost the place’s confidence to show off its resources to the people outside the community. It can help improve its tourism industry. Tourists become attracted to the spots in Waimalu and they tend to visit the place as often as they can. Children can also enjoy the charming face of a mascot. This can uplift the spirits of the people in the community.

Next, Waimalu can be better situated in the trade and commerce industry with the help of a mascot. Instead of the official, a mascot can represent the place to the investors and they would be willing to invest new projects to help the economy of Waimalu. Residents of the place would have a wider chance of finding jobs to suffice their needs.

Lastly, a community is not complete without a sports team. Since mascots are best known for representing a team in sports, having one for Waimalu is very ideal. During games, a mascot can set the difference between the teams. Also, it can lighten up the mood because of its appealing and joyous build up.

Waimalu is already an established place in Hawaii. With the help of a mascot, it can still serve and be better not just to its inhabitants but also to the people coming from other countries. Mascots can really be a reliable way to draw attention. Waimalu’s mascot can be labeled as, “Waimalu the Great,” for it embodies the great characteristics of the census-designated place of Hawaii in the United States of America.

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Waimalu Hawaii
Waimalu Mascot is needed in Waimalu, HI

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